Hi! My name is Lauren Bennett and I am OBSESSED with helping people see how awesome Long Island City is and how to enjoy the wonderful things it offers.


How did this become my life?


Well, I moved to the neighborhood nine years ago, and was originally working as a medical device sales representative for American Medical Alert right after college. However, five years ago American Medical Alert was acquired by a large UK company and most of the office (including myself) was laid off. After some intense soul searching I realized it made the most sense to focus the next chapter in my life on selling something that I was truly passionate about...Long Island City!

Five years later, I'm honored to be working with The Corcoran Group and specializing in the marketing and sale of luxury real estate. My favorite part of the job? That I get to share my neighborhood (my favorite restaurants, the best place to grab a cup of coffee, the changes in the real estate market) with both long time residents who have been here for decades and people who are coming to Queens for the first time ever.

And now I want to help you get the most out of Long Island City too. 

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Hi! I'm Lauren

I help people learn more about the wonderful things Long Island City has to offer.

Let's Have Some Fun.

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