Dumitru Culetu: Resident Manager At Arris Lofts

I started as a doorman in 2007 when the building opened, and after six years I became the manager for Arris Lofts.  The area when I came was not developed at all. Arris Lofts was actually the first condominium in the Court Square area.  And now the area has exploded.   Every other day you see a new building coming up.  Right now there are 24 or 21 buildings coming up in this area close to Arris Lofts, most of them are residential.
"It's funny, one of the tenants was asking me; What do you think? And I said: It's a great investment.  You will see in a few years the price go higher and higher, this area is going to be more developed.  And now he owns three apartments."
Lauren Bennett