Five Places to Get Groceries in Long Island City

Looking for somewhere close and convenient to grab groceries on your way home?  Look no further! Check out some of our favorite options below:


 1. Fresh Direct

Time is our precious resource, if you had a choice would you rather spend your free time buying groceries or relaxing? With Fresh Direct you can make the most of your free time...order online with a few clicks of your mouse and have your groceries delivered to your home within 24 hours!  Fresh Direct had their original warehouse in Long Island City, and although they recently sold their site and will be moving out to the Bronx it has been truly amazing to watch and support their local business model grow.

 2. Go Organic NYC

Another popular online grocery delivery service.  As the name suggests, all the products offered put an emphasis on being organic. They include a wide variety of farm produce, dairy products, beverages and snacks but absolutely no meat of any kind.

 3. Natural Frontier Market

One of my favorite local options.  They carry a wide variety of everything from protein shakes, fresh vegetables, dairy-free and gluten-free options and even body and beauty products.  Custom protein shakes and some small take out food items are available upon request.

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 4. Food Cellar

Playfully referred too by LIC residents as "the local knock-off whole foods".  Although the Hunters Point location is fairly large, the new Court Square location is truly impressive.   Most likely the most expensive option in the neighborhood, but it also has pretty much everything you could need in one place.  Not only do they offer a wide variety of basic grocery items and fresh produce, but they have a snack bar and various food stations available.  Their gluten-free pizza is a solid option in the neighborhood. 

 5. Key Food

 You can count on this Court Square groccery store for some last minute affordable goods to prepare a special recipe or snack. It is much cheaper than the Food Cellar. Generally Key Food isn’t the best option for buying deli produce and meats, so you can opt for their delivery services...for simple every day and canned goods however it's a solid choice.