Lauren's Favorite Fitness Spots in LIC

Most of us have a gym membership, or at least take part it some physical activity. Some of us are just getting on the road to a better routine. Either way, Long Island City is home to many facilities that will do just that. Check out these unique options to help you get an idea of the LIC fitness scene:

For the High Intensity Non-Crossfitter:

Workout factory

If you know that you can’t afford much time away from work, but can’t give up on fitness either, Workout factory is the best bet. The key workout program is carved to curve you in the best way possible. Described as Queens' boutique fitness studio, the workout factory offers an array of classes in equipment, Pilates, TRX, rebounding & combination boot camp classes and much more...Try it out and see for yourself. Better yet, first-timers receive 3 classes at only $39!

Climb Your Way To The Top: The Cliffs At LIC

If the regular heavy workouts don’t give you the kick you need, here is the all new cliff climbing workout program that could give all the adrenaline high you ever needed.
The experienced staff at The Cliffs at LIC will do everything they can to get a first timer on the wall, or the experienced climber the challenge they seek.

Check out this video they have posted to get an idea of what its all about.

For The Complete Healthy Solution: Beyond Movement Fitness

Another boutique fitness center in LIC, Beyond Movement Fitness wants nothing more than to get anyone that steps into their doors in shape. They emphasize healthy lifestyle choices and strategically planned full body workouts to get you in peak physical condition. Their site boasts a wealth of exercise and dieting tips to get you inspired. Check it out!

Get Your Sweat On and Find Your Limit: Crossfit Gantry

Crossfit Gantry has something for every fitness interest. Obviously their bread and butter is Crossfit, but they offer power-lifting classes, nutrition, endurance, and recovery techniques to ensure that everyone is getting the most they can out of every workout or their down time. Classes are high intensity and are sure to leave you exhausted in the best way possible. You can get a free class just by signing up with your email on their site.