Grabbing A Beer At Bierocracy

By Lauren R Bennett

This past Sunday we were treated to brunch at Long Island City’s very own Beer Hall, Bierocoracy. Located at 12-23 Jackson Avenue, the spacious restaurant easily seats 250 people in the front, and has a back room for private events that accommodates 60 people as well. The restaurant’s catchy name was actually crafted by the owner as a play on words of the German spelling for the “beer”.   While enjoying steak and eggs (with chimichurri!) as well as my first breakfast beer (the Schofferhofer Grapefruit..which was amazing by the way) and had a chance to sit down with Annie and learn more about the establishment as well as some incredible facts about beer.  


Bohemian Vs Bavarian

Annie explained to me that there are two different “types” of Beer Halls, the Bohemian beer hall, which emanates from Prague and the Czech Republic and the Bavarian beer hall, which is similar to the beer halls of Germany…where you might envision women in dirndls serving big steins of beer. Bierocracy combines both genres, although it leans a bit more toward the Bohemian experience as one of the owners is from the Czech Republic.

The Beer of Bierocracy


Bierocracy works very hard to curate an incredible selection of beer for their customers. While they have traditional offerings such as Dunkel, Erdinger, the house wheat beer and house dark lager, there are 6 taps kept aside for local rotations.  

Annie pointed out to me that when the bartenders pour the beer there is a little spout on top of the bar. The bartenders put the glass under the spout to clean the glass with cold water before they pour the beer inside. This guarantees that each glass is poured to perfection, as using a pitcher would take away the quality of the beer.

The Food Of Bierocracy


Bierocracy’s menu was created by a 5 Star French chef from France, and ranges from chill brisket nachos to classic giant pretzels.  Although I can speak for how incredible the steak and eggs are (trust me the bacon alone is worth the trip), I’m looking forward to sampling the Bierocracy burger next time I visit for dinner.   It’s a massive angus burger that is served with a side of parmesan truffle fries. The burger is considered their most popular item on the menu, although the more traditional sausage and sauerkraut is also a great choice.   The restaurant is open for brunch and dinner, so there are plenty of times to grab a beer and a snack while enjoying the laid-back ambiance.

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Bierocracy is currently having their Okoberfest celebration, they began on 9/15 and will end on 10/30.  Oktoberfest is the old Bavarian tradition where people from neighboring communities come together in the beer hall to play games, enjoy music and dancing while eating incredible food and of course drinking lots of beer!  

You can also Sign up to become a Bierocrat; it’s the best way to take advantage of the free give-a-ways and to be notified via email of the incredible things the restaurant offers.